Open Source

Have your own AI

Create your own personal AI assistant to help you with your work. Or a helpful AI assistant for your team, even under your own company domain.

How about these?

These are just a few examples of useful AI assistants you can create with ownAI. No programming skills required - just instruct your AI what to do and add knowledge as needed.

Personal Assistant

Your personal butler who helps you with daily tasks for your hobby and family.

Marketing Creative

Knows your company and products well and creates tailored marketing content.

Ever Patient Supporter

Helps you with the right tone of voice even after the hundredth e-mail inquiry.

Your privacy-focused alternative for a team internal AI chatbot.

Extensive Knowledge AI

Store thousands of articles and query the knowledge they contain.

Your own AI Business

Create a useful AI service and sell it under your own domain name.

Proudly Open Source & Indie AI

ownAI is powered by the best open source AI models in the world. This makes us independent of well-known large AI companies. You can even download your AIs and run them on your own.